CaptionAccess is owned and run by deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

Why is that a big deal? Because we use captioning services ourselves — it's a communication lifeline for us. We know what first-class captioning means and how important captioning is to people who need it. Our business philosophy and practices are pretty simple: Treat customers how we want to be treated ourselves.

Bill Graham
Picture of King Jordan, Past President, Gallaudet University
King Jordan
Past President, Gallaudet University

"CaptionAccess is unusual among captioning companies in that it advocates and educates for online inclusion in addition to providing services to make it happen. more..."

Picture of Kimberly Heibner, Interpreter for the Deaf, NIC Master, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Kimberly Heibner
Interpreter for the Deaf, NIC Master, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

"CaptionAccess delivers first-rate captioning services in a professional, dedicated manner. We would recommend CaptionAccess to any school that requires the use of all-around quality captioning services. more..."

Picture of Kathleen Collins, Publisher, Inside Higher Ed
Kathlene Collins
Publisher, Inside Higher Ed

"CaptionAccess does a fantastic job—captioners are scheduled quickly, show up on time, do a wonderful job during the live event, and provide transcripts in 24 hours (often less). more..."

Picture of Grant Peelle, Director,
Grant Peelle
Director, "I'm Fine, Thanks"

"As filmmakers, it is our primary goal to connect and effectively communicate with our audience, which is why we chose CaptionAccess to caption both our movie trailer and our feature documentary. more..."

Picture of Johnny B. Truant, Author and podcaster
Johnny B. Truant
Author and podcaster

"CaptionAccess has opened my eyes to the value of captioning, transcribing, and generally making the work I do online more accessible. Consider me sold! more..."

Picture of Margreta von Pein, Member, Bay Area Association for Disabled Sailors
Margreta von Pein
Member, Bay Area Association for Disabled Sailors

"I feel I can contact CaptionAccess anytime with a difficult captioning project on short notice and they will be there for me. more..."

Picture of Marca Bristo, President & CEO, Access Living
Marca Bristo
President & CEO, Access Living

"As more of us acquire the tools to produce online content, it is critical that we integrate captioning into our programming. Like many things related to accessibility, what works well for people with disabilities works well for just about everybody. more..."

Picture of Joe Karlovits, Former CEO and Founder, VITAC
Joe Karlovits
Former CEO and Founder, VITAC

"CaptionAccess really makes a difference for deaf and hard-of-hearing employees. Their services open communication to one of the most import an aspects of work: meetings. And I think it’s a bonus that the company is owned by a deaf entrepreneur. more..."

Picture of Lauren E. Storck, President, Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning and
Lauren E. Storck
President, Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning and

"At meetings, inclusion of CART is so useful in keeping everyone on the same page. Participants can maximize their various skills while having the transcript to review after the meeting, too. more..."